Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre

Completed in early 2017, this purpose-built wildlife research facility is located on the Spicers Hidden Vale retreat property near Grandchester, in South East Queensland. 

Operated in partnership with The University of Queensland, the Centre boasts state-of-the-art facilities that support a wide range of research, teaching and engagement opportunities. It also serves as a base for other conservation activities across the Hidden Vale property.

When visiting the Centre, you are likely to see university students and researchers moving about and working in the labs. This is where they gain valuable experience with native wildlife and develop next-generation management and conservation techniques.

The Centre also features an Interpretation Room for visitors. It provides information on Hidden Vale’s wildlife and the Centre’s activities.


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Breeding Program - Mahogany Glider

The only captive bred Mahogany Glider released to the wild had great difficulty learning to glide (and especially brake!). His many crash landings and inability to evade predators very nearly led to his demise. Facilities such as the training apparatus at the Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre were not available. But now we have combined scientific knowledge (from many years of hard-slog midnight fieldwork), our understanding of captive breeding facility design and enrichment, and the Turner Family’s commitment to conservation to achieve a recognised necessity of pre-release conditioning for a threatened species.

View this incredible footage of a Mahogany Glider gliding.
This has never been seen before in captivity!