Dr Zeke Davidson

Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre Manager

Dr Zeke Davidson is a talented and inspirational conservationist who has joined the Turner Family Foundation team as Wildlife Centre Manager. Hailing from South Africa, with a DPhil in Zoology from Oxford University, Zeke has spent two decades working with endangered species conservation and remote operations. He has developed and implemented conservation and management strategies for private, regional and national  bodies.

Dr Vere Nicolson

Chief Veterinarian

Dr Vere Nicolson BVSc has joined the Turner Family Foundation team as Chief Veterinarian and Breeding Administrator. Vere is a renowned veterinarian who brings extensive specialised experience working with a wide range of captive wildlife.

“The recent bushfires have highlighted how important the role of captive breeding for conservation can be. The Hidden Vale Project is uniquely placed to drive that change,” Dr Nicolson said.


Dr Andrew Tribe

Wildlife Manager

Dr Tribe has worked with wildlife for the past 35 years, particularly in the areas of management, welfare and rehabilitation. For 24 years, he was Senior Lecturer in Wildlife at The University of Queensland. He is internationally recognised for his research and teaching in wildlife welfare, behaviour and management.

Since 2016 Dr Tribe has been leading the Hidden Vale Koala Project, treating and researching the health of our koala population and instructing students on new management techniques.


Dr Megan Brady

Principal Ecologist

Dr Brady’s love of all things wild led to lecturing in ecology, fire and wildlife management, and researching human land use and threatened species.

Her role with the Turner Family Foundation balances land use and conservation, developing ecological research, monitoring and restoration across our network of properties.


Ben O'Hara

General Manager, Land & Environment

Ben has more than two decades’ experience in the finance and property industry. He has worked in management and origination roles with local and international institutions before a ‘tree change’ enabled him to take up the role of General Manager of Queensland Trust for Nature in 2012. 

Ben joined the Turner Family Foundation in 2016, helping to establish the Foundation and bring the visionary Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre to being.

Tom Scott

Ecology Graduate

Tom is the first Ecology Graduate intern in the Turner Family Foundation’s Graduate Employment Program.

In his current role, Tom is assisting with fauna and flora monitoring, and property-wide land restoration. Specific programs he is working on include Hidden Vale’s Rufous bettong project, the aim of which is to develop a model for threatened species restoration and reintroduction programs in Queensland.