Your donation today will help save a koala for tomorrow.

The Turner Family Environmental and Education Trust is working with leading researchers to ensure a safe and secure habitat for Australia’s precious wildlife.

Australia’s favourite marsupials are being decimated by a deadly virus, bushfires and habitat loss. Join us to help create a brighter future for our koalas.

How your donation help

Vaccinate a koala

Help vaccinate a koala against deadly chlamydia and secure the future for Australia's favourite marsupials.


Feed a koala

Each day we handpick vegetation for koalas undergoing treatment at the Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre. Your donation will feed a koala for a week.


Plant a koala-friendly forest

We are working to rehabilitate cleared land to create new habitat for koalas, expanding their range and increasing opportunities for population growth. Your donation will help create a koala-friendly forest that will provide an important linking corridor for koala populations to thrive.


Thank you to our partners!
The Hidden Vale Koala Project relies on your support.

Support the Hidden Vale Koala Project and help protect Australia's favourite marsupial.