Eco Tourism

Experience Nature

The Turner Family Foundation believes that a deeper affinity with the natural environment is established, developed and appreciated by experiencing nature first-hand. 
We seek to nurture a love of Australia’s natural wonders through eco tourism ventures including:

Scenic Rim Trail

Embark on a journey of exploration, discovery and adventure. After years in the planning, the Spicers Scenic Rim five-day walk is now open. The trail is a landmark eco tourism experience for Queensland, located just 1.5 hours from Brisbane. 

This luxury guided walking experience ventures through World Heritage Listed National Park, Gondwana Rainforest and the Turner Family nature refuges. Guests journey to discover a place of untouched beauty, with unique and exclusive accommodation, spectacular views, soothing rainforests and rich cultural and natural heritage. 

The trail traverses Main Range National Park, part of the unique Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area and includes two new eco-camps.

Hidden Vale Adventure Park

Hidden Vale Adventure Park (HVAP) is a unique outdoor experience with a multi-use 110-plus kilometre trail network for mountain bike riders, runners and walkers, winding through the expansive Hidden Vale property.

Operating out of the luxurious getaway, Spicers Hidden Vale, it’s the perfect way to explore the great outdoors.

Users sign in and out at the HVAP Trail-head, collect a map, and then enjoy a world-class trail network with great bush scenery, kangaroos for company, and even passing by an abandoned light plane. On return you have access to Spicers’ top-quality food and beverage options.

The Adventure Park also hosts mountain biking and trail run events through Epic Events Management. You can participate in timed rides and races and even set up camp during the events, making it perfect for a family-friendly getaway.

Koala Conservation at Spicers Hidden Vale

Spicers Hidden Vale and the Turner Family Foundation are delighted to offer Spicers guests a unique opportunity to see koalas in the wild. 

The field trip starts with a behind-the-scenes tour of the Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre before moving to our koala hotspot to check the welfare of our koala community. We track and monitor close to 30 koalas at present and are welcoming new joeys each year.

Learn about the secret lives of koalas, their habitat and how we are building a population of healthy animals with hopes of creating a “koala fountain” for the region. 

This genuine eco-education experience is truly unique and not to be missed. 

Koalas have been declared as vulnerable in Queensland and New South Wales under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act.

The Hidden Vale koala population is being studied by leading researchers supported by the Turner Family Foundation. We are learning more about the dangers koalas face and how our land management practices can ensure their survival and prosperity long into the future.